The aim of the Migration Letters journal is to provide a medium for the publication of original papers covering the entire
span of migration research. The editors are particularly keen to publish new and critical work on current developments
in research and analysis.

All contributors must now submit to Migration Letters online via http://www.tplondon.com/journal/index.

Papers submitted for publication are entered into a double-blind peer review system and normally read by at least two
assessors.  The Editors' decision will be final. Articles submitted to Migration Letters should be an original piece of work,
not been published before and not being considered for publication elsewhere in its final form either in printed or
electronic form.

Please make sure your manuscript is prepared according to the
author guidelines below.


Papers submitted to Migration Letters should be original unpublished accounts about 3500-4,000 words or 10-14
printed journal pages in length, excluding the footnotes and references.

Submissions must be sent by e-mail to the editor at editor@migrationletters.com. Manuscripts must be submitted as
word documents (.txt, .doc, .rtf extensions are accepted).

Any opinions expressed in Migration Letters are those of authors and do not necessarily those of the editors or

Authors are personally responsible for obtaining permission for the reprint of any previously published material.
submitting a manuscript to the
Migration Letters journal, the author(s) agrees to pass copyright to the Journal and the
Publisher. The Publisher is authorised to disseminate the submitted material in print and electronic formats following
thorough peer-review and editorial process.

All manuscripts must be submitted in
English. To disseminate your research more effectively, you may consider getting
professional paper editing support, please click here.

Footnotes in the text should be numbered seriatim and include information which is not appropriate in the main text.
Tables and figures should be integrated in the text and the copy editors may alter the layout whenever necessary. The
title page must include an abstract of about 100 words and 5 key words. Full contact information with institutional
affiliations must also be provided. Introduction, literature review and data should be kept to a minimum unless it is
essential to the paper.

Manuscripts submitted to Migration Letters will not be returned.

Manuscripts accepted for publication or published by Migration Letters cannot be distributed, reproduced or reprinted
without prior permission of Migration Letters.

Please submit the following separately:
  • A cover letter (email will also do) with your contact details, affiliation
  • Please include the names and contact details of three potential reviewers via online submission system
  • Manuscript including the abstract (100 words) and up to 5 keywords. (Please do not include any personal or
    affiliation information in the manuscript file).

Manuscripts must be submitted as word documents (.txt, .doc, .rtf extensions are accepted). Please also send excel
tables for graphics and/or figures
used in the paper (if applicable). Please ensure your manuscript is paginated.

Format of the text should be as follows:
All articles must follow APA style of referencing. References must be complete. All references to books, articles and other
sources should be inserted in the text; references should contain the last name of the author, year of publication and
pagination where appropriate, e.g. (Smith, 2003: 187). For co-authored sources, provide names for two authors if dual
authorship e.g. (Kubat, 2011; Simpson, 2001, 2007), for more than two authors use et al. after the first author's name
(Broderick et al., 2009). For institutions,  use abbreviations in the text.

Acknowledgements should be given either in a footnote on the first page or at the end of the manuscript, before the list
of references.

The reference list should be placed at the end of the text and must only include sources referred to in the text. All items
should be listed alphabetically by author and by year of publication. Italics must be used for titles of books and journals.

The list of references should appear at the end of the text. It should be double spaced and listed in alphabetical order
by author's name.

Please follow APA style for in text referencing and reference list at the end of your article.

For books, reports, thesis, etc.
Rossi, P. (1955). Why Families Move: A Study in the Social Psychology of Urban Mobility. New York: Macmillan.

Burgess, E. W. and Bogue, D. J. (eds.) (1967).
Urban sociology. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

Rouse R. (1989).
Mexican Migration to the United States: Family Relations in the Development of a Transnational Migration
. Unpublished PhD thesis, Stanford University, Stanford, CA.

For articles in edited works
Wolf, D.L. (2002). "There’s no place like “home”: emotional transnationalism and the struggles of second-generation
Filipinos". In: P. Levitt and M.C. Waters (eds.)
The Changing Face of Home: The transnational lives of the second
, New York: Russell Sage Foundation.

For articles in periodicals
Illés, S. (2005). "Elderly immigration to Hungary", Migration Letters, 2 (2): 164-169.

Levitt, P., DeWind, J. and Vertovec, S. (2003). "International perspectives on transnational migration: An introduction".

International Migration Review
, 37 (3): 565-575.

Borjas, G. J. and Bratsberg, B. (1996). "Who Leaves? The Outmigration of the Foreign-born".
Review of Economics and
, 78:

Illustrations should be inserted in the text. All graphs and diagrams should be referred to as figures, and should be
numbered. Illustrations can be in colour and appear in colour for the online version but the print version of the journal
will be printed in one colour.

Tables should also be numbered consecutively in the text and must be inserted in the text. There should not be
redundant tables in the manuscript.

Any submission which does not conform to the above instructions may be returned for the necessary revision before
consideration for publication.

Editorial Policy
All submitted papers are refereed by the associate editors and/or external reviewers. Referees are expected to provide
supportive comments regarding their decisions. Following the receipt of a manuscript in the appropriate format, we
anticipate a decision within three months.

Migration Letters, Editor

Web: http://www.migrationletters.com
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